Sampling, Adoption and sales team management solution

A comprehensive solution which covers sampling, adoption, marketing communication, sales team management software for academic book publishers. Available on Desktop, iOS and Android App

Starting $15 / User / Month

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Product Features

Sampling Management

Request and ordering of free samples. Customisable according to the organisation rules.

Location Tracking

Monitor the daily acitivities of the salesforce and ensure performance.

Report Generation

Create an organised daily, monthly or quaterly report documenting the sales and meetings.

Sales Forecasting

Easily estimate future sales based on the documented past sales data.

Sales Management

Track your sales representatives and assign meetings with clients.

Email Generation

Weekly/Monthly reports are sent to supervisors.

User profiles

Sales Representative’s Roles

  • Request for books
  • Generate a daily report
  • Incase working in a team, can check the progress made by the team members
  • View the list of all requested books, universities, institutes, departments, courses and distributors in a particular section
  • Predict sales for the coming months
  • Enter the number of books adopted through his interaction with a professor or an institute

Manager’s Roles

  • Check a Sales Representatives' report on a daily or monthly basis
  • Trace the daily activity of a Sales Representative on a map
  • Assign meetings for juniors from the selected contacts
  • Accept and reject the books requested by a Sales Representative
  • Check a Sales Representatives' daily schedule on self dashboard
  • Can check the daily schedule and meetings of a Sales Representative
  • Approve or reject a sales representatives' request for institute, department, city or professor
  • Can assign any role to the user through his dashboard
  • Check a Sales Representatives' login activity
  • Check a Sales Representatives' stock

Marketing Admin’s Roles

  • Send an SMS or email to either all users or selected users at once
  • Can generate lables
  • Can create custom emailers through dashboard
  • Can assign roles to the users
  • Inform all the contacts about new books and titles through emailer

Book Admin

  • Can enter new books into the system

Fulfilment Admin

  • Can approve or reject a book request
  • Can audit the Sales Representative's inventory

Warehouse Admin

  • Approve request after approval fulllment by admin
  • Dispatch books and enter details from the account
  • Predict sales for the coming months
  • Can generate labels for dispatching books professor or an institute

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